It is a paint in ceramic color with excellent brightness, aliphatic polyurethane base with high cover power, adherence, durability, high stability to hydrorepellence of weather changes, and high resistance to ultraviolet rays, as there is a molecular humectation process that makes it more flexible, which is recommended to outdoor and indoor surfaces of bricks, shingles, asbestos and concrete, wood, cast elements and non – vitrified ceramic objects.

How to prepare the surface and application

The surfaces should be clean and dry, free of particles and dust, greasy materials and damp, according to the recommendations of ABNT-NBR NORM 13.245. COLONIAL CRYL POLIURETANO CERÂMICO should be homogenized before dilution, 2 simple layers should be applied; the first can be diluted in 10% water and applied on areas with brush or lamb’s wool roller.


After 20 – 30 minutes per layer, total cure after 24 hours.


3.6 l gallon —————————————————– from 55 to 60m²
18 l bucket —————————————————— 275 m²
900 ml can ——————————————————— 14 m²

Technical features

Density -1.03 +/-0,020 g/cm³
Total solid -29,00 +/-0,02% at 20c°
ph-8,5-9,5 at 25c°
Obs. It is not toxic and it doesn’t cause any type of harsh or allergy. In case of accident with the eyes, wash them with running water. Even though the product doesn’t have any toxicity, it should be applied with IPE.

Technical assistance

J.L BUENO INDUSTRIA E COMÈRCIO, the product manufacturer, has in its production and representative units technical assistance to any doubt about the product line. The warranty guarantees only product replacement if the user follows the described observations above, and keeps the receipt and the lot number.


In environmental conditions, after a 2-year period from the manufacturing date on the package, So we recommend a dry, ventilated and covered place, and closed in the original package.


It comes in mat white, ceramic, colorless and shingle:
3,6 l gallon
18 kg bucket
900 ml can