It is a product of pasty consistency, highly adherent and flexible with excellent resistance to climate variations and weather, making it ideal for use as an adhesive and / or sealant and waterproofing of cracks, cracks and troughs of amendments and others.

> Presentation

Potes with 500 gr – Box with 12 units

Pots with 1 kg – box with 06 units

In white or gray

> Indications

has been developed to the highest standard of quality and is recommended to seal stopping and waterproof seams gutters, flashings, cracks, holes and seams on metal tiles, asbestos and cement. colonial ceramics, of water box, cracks in slabs, in joints and air conditioning conductors, thermal chests, containers, boats and others.

Product Application

The surface should be clean and dry, free from dust and loose particles. It should preferably be applied by using spreader.


density: 1.670 +/- 0.020 g / cm

Solid total: 78.00 +/- 0.02%


In environmental conditions, for a period of two years after date of manufacture printed on the packaging, to recommend this place dry, airy and covered, remaining closed in its original packaging.


pot with 500 gr = 12 to 13 linear meters with 3mm x 3mm exp prof

Pot with 1.0 kg = 24 to 26 linear meters with 3 mm x 3 mm prof exp

Important Information

is not toxic and does not present any kind of irritation or allergy to their investors. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water in abundance, it is noteworthy that any chemical, even showing no toxicity should be applied to the respective EPI ‘S.

Technical Assistance

JL Bueno Ind. Com. Ltda Waterproofing, product manufacturer, maintains in its production facility and areas of representation, technical advice for any possible additional guidance on its product line. The user must follow the guidelines described above and always keep the fiscal purchase coupon. The warranty is limited to replacement of the product. JL Bueno Ind. Com. Waterproofing Ltd., is not responsible for misuse of the product and the failure to follow proper specifications.