TECRYL-HIDRO is water and humidity repellent that avoids infiltration, mold, and fungi, without changes to the color or original material appearance. TECRYL-HIDRO infiltrates in the base, without coat surface, avoiding natural peeling process. Its outstanding formula without smell, solvent or toxic product addition, it doesn’t harm the environment. TECRYL-HIDRO properties provide advantages when compared to varnish, wax, resin, oil and others. We recommend applying TECRYL-HIDRO outdoors and where there is temperature variation as on roof, grills, concrete texture, façade, stone, ceramic and others.

How to use the product

The surface should be clean and dry, free of particles and dust, where the product should be applied with a brush, paintbrush, or sprayer. A layer should be applied enough to drip. Drying time is 2 hours and total repellence is guaranteed after 24 hours from the application. As joint compound, we recommend to substitute dilution water for TECRYL-HIDRO.
TECRYL-HIDRO was developed to be applied on new outdoor material, so it is not recommended to be applied on surfaces with any type of chemical residue as surfaces with varnish, glazing, waxy or without porosity.

Technical features

Density -0.999 +/-0,020 g/cm
Total solid -5,50 +/-0,02%
It is not toxic and it doesn’t cause any type of harsh or allergy. No In case of accident with the eyes, wash them with running water. Even though the product doesn’t have any toxicity, it should be applied with IPE.

Technical assistance

The manufacturer of TECRYL-HIDRO has in its production and representative units, technical assistance to help with any doubt about the product line.

Approximate consumption

low porosity———————————–4 to 7m²
medium porosity——————————–8 to 12m²
high porosity———————————–12 to 16m²


In environmental conditions, after a 2-year period from the manufacturing date on the package, So we recommend a dry, ventilated and covered place, and closed in the original package.


5 l plastic pot.
900 ml can.