How to stop mold and moisture on the walls

This is a question only appears when you begin to notice damp stains and mold on the walls and ceilings. But when this happens, it’s too late! It’s easy to find advice on how to eliminate mold in walls, floors and ceilings of rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, porches, balconies and facades. But these tips, which mostly involve washing with chemicals, are only palliative, that address only briefly the problem.

Always remember that anti-mold products sold in supermarkets can perform the cleanup and eliminate bad smell, but this result is temporary.
The solution is waterproofing.

Typically, the patches are directly related to moisture in the site, and the right cause of the problem must be identified in order to apply the most appropriate solution. The source can be in hydraulic problems, cracks in the walls, or even in soil moisture. In buildings or homes, which typically have exposed slabs, water tanks and troughs, the execution of an appropriate and professional waterproofing work is needed.

Here are some guidelines and some examples of treatments for moisture.

Infiltration into slabs.
Cause: Typically, the problem is related to a failure in the water catchment systems, either trim or inappropriate also for cracks.

Treatment: Application TECRYL-D3 with the structuring Super Screen TECRYL.

Stains on facades with brick.
Cause: not only the fact that the mortar having porosity, but also are made of cement, sand and water, thus allowing absorption of water. The bricks also end up absorbing water by exposure and lack of protection.

Treatment: it takes a prior assessment of bricks and mortar. If they are brittle or taking off easily, the replacement will be necessary. For mortar, we recommend using the TECRYL one additive, which, added to cement, allows the blocking of pores in a simplified manner and easy handling. For the final finish, we recommend the application of TECRYL Hydro, which will provide an intensive protection of bricks.

Stains on exterior walls.
Cause: as they are exposed to all weather conditions, and are susceptible to staining and molds may also suffer from small cracks.

Treatment: in case of cracks, it is stated, first, the application of TECRYL Selacalha-Selatrinca to ensure repair the problem. Then the wall should receive a waterproof paint in the case, with TECRYL Walls & Facades.


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