TECRYL WALLS & FAÇADES is a waterproofing paint and protective external surfaces of acrylic base and reinforced with polyurethane aliphatic guarantee chemical characteristics and polymeric high performance and durability providing up to four functions in one product: the rubberized INK finish, SEALING to cured plaster , flexible and how HEAT REFLECTOR WATERPROOFING in white color snow. With great power of adhesion, durability and waterproofing makes TECRYL WALLS & FAÇADES the most complete product 4 in 1 on the market today. Indications It is indicated to waterproof surfaces exposed VERTICAL directly to the weather and subject to RAIN BEAT. On the beach areas is excellent in fighting the MARESIA and AR SALINE attacks. For use in FACHADAS BUILDINGS, SHEDS, INDUSTRIES, HOUSES, WALLS, BRIDGE AND OTHER GREAT PROPERTIES FACHADAS. TECRYL WALLS & FAÇADES is produced to the highest quality standards, when applied, forms a waterproof blanket of great grip, excellent thermal stability and high resistance to the action of ultraviolet rays, it is a process of molecular wetting, making it more flexible. The product is not recommended for traffic surfaces, metal, slabs and others who have accumulation of water.


> Surface Preparation

The surface must be clean, dry, free of loose particles and dust, contaminant free materials, fatty and molds following the recommendations of ABNT-NBR 13245 standard. [/ a_tab]

> Application

Comes ready to use, needing only be mixed prior to use. Apply in two (2) coats, and the 1st (first) coat can be diluted with 10% water, applied with soft lamb’s wool roller, brush or brush. [/ A_tab]

> Drying

has a fast drying, but we recommend waiting 40 to 60 minutes per coat in hot and / or touch days, full cure of 24 hours. Avoid applying to days with rain prognosis. [/ A_tab]

> Income

18 Lts Can 100 m² = Low Porosity 90 m² = Average Porosity 80 m² = High Porosity Tin 3.6 Lt 20 m² = Low Porosity 18 m² = Average Porosity 16 m² = High Porosity [/ a_tab]

> Important Information

is not toxic and does not present any kind of irritation or allergy to investors. Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of contact with skin, wash the area with water. In the case of reaching the eyes, rinse with water and seek an ophthalmologist. It is noteworthy that every product, even without showing toxicity, should be applied to their respective EPI`s indicated for paintings and according to ABNT-NBR 13245 standard. [/ A_tab]

> Storage

In environmental conditions, for two (2) years after date of manufacture printed on the packaging. Recommend to be stored in a dry, airy and covered, remaining closed in its original packaging. [/ A_tab]

> Service

JL Bueno Ind. Com. Ltda Waterproofing, product manufacturer, maintains in its production facility and areas of representation, technical advice for any possible additional guidance on its product line. The user must follow the guidelines described above and always keep the fiscal purchase coupon. The warranty is limited to replacement of the product. JL Bueno Ind. Com. Ltda Waterproofing is not responsible for misuse of the product and the failure to follow proper specifications. [/ A_tab]

> Color Model


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