TECRYL -T 103 is a semi- flexible developer polymeric coating two components in which catalyzes resin ( A) plus additive structural concrete ( B) consistent drying and resistance to positive hydrostatic pressures and negative , the total adhesion and high power waterproof , by reducing the carbonation barrier formation. Its formulation based on RESIN ACRYLIC SPECIAL + STRUCTURAL treated cement and firmly acts on various types of surfaces , forming a waterproof barrier against penetration of unwanted liquids.

> Product Application

The surface preparation is important for good sealing, so it should be washed and cleaned free of dirt (oil, grease, dust etc.), particles and loose flakes, iron tip or chemical agents that interfere with the product adhesion.
TECRYL T-103 has a specified dosage junction in the component (A) plus (B). To the mixture of components A and B, is placed throughout the liquid portion in a container or bucket, and add slowly, the whole solid portion, preferably using mixer (400 to 500 rpm) for two (2) minutes or manually by five (5) minutes to form a semi-viscous liquid used in wet and / or dry areas with a brush in 3 to 4 cross coats with drying period (point-life) 60 minutes per coat and complete cure of 72 hours .
1st COAT: Wet the surface with water and then apply the product by brush type scrubbing brush, apply and wait for drying between 1-2 hours, and very humid for 24 hours.
2nd COAT: Apply direct product of the first COAT, opposite direction to previous (vertical, horizontal). COAT is necessary that the USO POLYESTER SCREEN in places with HYDROSTATIC pressure.
The rest should follow the guidance of the 2nd coat, repeating until complete 2-3 kg / m² according to the indicated surface. (Do not use POLYESTER SCREEN these coats is required.)

> Storage

In environmental conditions, for a period of one year after the date of manufacture printed on the packaging, for this we recommend place dry, airy and covered, remaining closed in its original packaging at a temperature between 4 to 38 ° C. [/ a_tab]

> Composition

flexible acrylic emulsion colloid, special portland cement, additives and water. [/ a_tab]

> Reports

Potability: No. CHI / L-202 122/1 / A / 10 – NBR 12170/2009 – ASTM C 114/10 – Falcão Bauer Laboratory.
Positive pressure / negative pressure: Number CCC / 203814/10 – NBR 10,787 / 94 and NBR 12171/92 – Falcão Bauer Laboratory.
Tensile bond: No. CCC / 203814/10 – NBR 10,787 / 94 and NBR 12171/92 – Falcão Bauer Laboratory [/ a_tab].

> Package

cardboard 18kg Cash
Box with 04 x 4.0 KG [/ a_tab]


Keep out of reach of children. Is not toxic and does not present any kind of irritation or allergy to professionals, operators, customers., In the case of reaching the eyes, wash with running water, it is noteworthy that all chemical even showing no toxicity, should be used epi ‘s. [/ a_tab]

> Service

JL Bueno Ind. Com. Ltda Waterproofing, product manufacturer, maintains in its production facility and areas of representation, technical advice for any possible additional guidance on its product line. The user must follow the guidelines described above and always keep the fiscal purchase coupon. The warranty is limited to replacement of the product.
JL Bueno Ind. Com. Ltda Waterproofing is not responsible for misuse of the product and the failure to follow proper specifications. [/ A_tab]

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